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TERMICA SERVICE  installs HVAC plants in the following fields:

  • Food industries
  • Shopping centres
  • Power plants
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Residential buildings

TERMICA SERVICE activities can include the following areas:

  • Supply and installation of ducts and relevant insulation material
  • Supply and installation of chillers units and boilers
  • Supply and installation of air handling units
  • Detail design, purchasing services, engineering for construction, “as built” documentation, final mechanical catalogue
  • Supply and installation of hot water and/or  chilled water piping
  • Building Energy Certification by accredited personnel
  • Technical and economical evaluation of possible use of renewable energy sources (solar,  photovoltaic, biomass, geothermal)

Chief Executive Officer of TERMICA SERVICE is  Franco Efisio Trogu,  with more than 30 years experience in air conditioning and piping installation sector.
He worked as a Construction Manager and as a Site Manager on behalf of leading worldwide Engineering and Contraction Companies.
In his private CV are listed several plant installations, both in Italy and abroad, in several sectors:

  • Textile,
  • Chemicals,
  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Shopping centres,
  • Offices

TERMICA SERVICE  works in cooperation with a workshop, founded more than 3 year ago by Angelo e Massimiliano Scaglione (Production Manager) , which are partners of TERMICA SERVICE.
TERMICA SERVICE manufactures in this workshop all the ductworks to be installed in its own installation, but the workshop can be dedicated also to manufacture ductworks on behalf of a third part.

TERMICA SERVICE is provided with its own Engineering structure, led by a Technical Director, and is also able to design and certify its own installations, in compliance with the updated laws and regulations.

Organisation Chart of TERMICA SERVICE includes:

  • Chief Executive Officer (Franco Efisio Trogu), who plays the role as a Project Manager
  • Technical Director,
  • Production Manager (Massimiliano Scaglione),
  • Construction manager,
  • No. 5 factory workers,
  • No. 7 site workers.

Depending upon the internal workload, cooperation with external  ductworks workshops and/or sub contractors are evaluated case by case.